Terry J. Benton currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

He writes fiction for adults, young adults, and children, which also means he spends a lot of time holed up in coffee shops. He’s self-published several contemporary titles for adults, which can be found on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats. Terry is presently seeking literary and film representation.

Terry grew up in the small town of Sylvania, GA, which was great because everyone knew each other, but wasn't great because everyone knew each other. After surviving high school, he moved to Atlanta to attend college, and now holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Georgia State.

Terry has been writing since grade school: his first book was a suspense short story titled, "The Alphabet Killers." Later on, he co-wrote and illustrated another short story titled, "The Underground Killer," with one of his good friends as part of an English writing assignment in middle school. To his great surprise and disappointment, neither of those early masterpieces went on to become New York Times Bestsellers.

Terry is also interested in screenwriting and film and television production. He hopes to create his own production company and lead a team of screenwriters for a network television show such as, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, or Big Little Lies—but, of course, featuring Black queer leads.