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Current Projects

  • "Before & After" (Young Adult Fantasy - Complete)

When sixteen-year-old Alexander Kyle accidentally unleashes the four horsemen of the apocalypse and Death possesses his little sister, he'll stop at nothing to save her and set things right again.

  • "Queen: Volume I" (Young Adult Urban Fantasy - Drafting)

When sixteen-year-old twins, Cristina and Clement, discover their sickly mother may die sooner than they anticipated, they seek out their four estranged aunts in hopes of reuniting their family one last time to pay final respects. But after the family reconnects, secrets of their magical past and connection to the clandestine Voodoo Council, which secretly governs the magical society, are unearthed. Cristina and Clement barely have time to digest these new revelations before their family is thrown into the spotlight, threatened by an all-out witch hunt.

Flung headfirst into the whirlwind of conflicts between their family, the Voodoo Council, and the townspeople who won’t rest until they uncover and destroy every “witch,” Cristina and Clement must choose their place in competing worlds before their family is torn apart. 

  • "Off the Record" [Working Title] (Young Adult Contemporary - Planning)

Years ago, when high school athlete and local superstar, Jake, told his best friend and budding journalist, Malcolm, that he was straight, Malcolm never questioned him--even though he had his doubts. So imagine Malcolm's surprise when Jake later reveals that not only is he bisexual, but he's in love with Malcolm. Things are exciting at first as they pursue their "situationship" in private, until their secret comes out and throws both of their lives into disarray. In the wake of the disaster, Malcolm is propositioned with an opportunity that could cement his college career, but to take advantage of the opportunity he'll have to betray his best friend. 

  • "Dream Walker" [Working Title] (Young Adult Fantasy - Planning)

Remy hasn't had a single dream since the day his dad mysteriously disappeared over twelve years ago. After witnessing the sudden and dramatic death of a strange woman in the middle of a busy city street, not only are Remy's dreams jumpstarted, but he also discovers a new world that can only be accessed through dreams. However, this world holds many secrets, including the truth about the disappearance of his father and the evil force responsible that's on the rise again.

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